Dating guys with bad teeth

Posted by / 27-Nov-2017 01:29

And when she got back to the table she could tell him that dental hygiene was REALLY important to her.

When I seen him in person he smiled it looked like he just got done eating feces. I'd tell her to start carrying her toothbrush with her when they went out like to dinner or s and after dinner she could excuse herself to brush her teeth.

usually, bad teeth that you have described usually means bad breath.i know personally, thats not something i could deal with, or kiss.luck with this one!!!

Maybe there is a good reason why he is afraid to go. geesh, sorry but try to live in someone elses shoes for once.NOW I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO - THIS GUY SEEMED REALLY NICE, BUT HIS TEETH ARE BAD AND MY FRIEND TOLD ME TO STAY AWAY ----ANY ADVICE? first i'd want to find out WHY your friend told u to stay away, her answer might make u stay away all on its own, regardless of his teeth.....WOULD YOU GO OUT WITH A GUY WITH GROSS TEETH IF HE WAS NICE AND WOULD YOU LISTEN TO YOUR FRIEND OR GIVE IT A GO?? and i KNOW its shallow, and we shouldnt think/feel the way we do, but lets face it... only you can decide if it would bother u too much..only concern would be... LOLI met one guy from here already who looked good in his online pic. Bad body odour, stains on his clothes, dandruff, etc. And to think people generally look their best for first impressions. When it comes to intimate relationships, hygiene is of utmost importance. I flossed his teeth for him, got him some whitening strips, some whitening toothpaste...ready set go! it hasn't been the reason for the demize of any relationship so far! It makes me feel illto think to kiss anyone with with teeth like his and I honestly don'tknow how she does it but I don't think she married him for any reason other thanto pay her bills. otherwise, no wayi have to agree - not gonna feel like making out with dirty brown chicklets....teeth are very important to me (and thanks to my thoughtful parents i had the whole braces thing done)..people like a nice ass...i like nice teeth Ooh i've been in that situation before.

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It is very hard to find a caring, loving, decent man these days, and if there is one flaw, then she needs to get over it! It's not being shallow when it is because they don't brush.... I would NOT wanna kiss someone who has let bacteria build up so bad that they rotted their teeth out...that's as bad as skin falling off because they never washed or something..the smell?